Search Engine Optimization Companies, Agencies, Consultants, Experts, Specialists & Freelancers; What Exactly Is The Difference?

SEO companies and digital agencies are the same thing. They usually do a lot more than just SEO; web design, graphic design, advertising, PPC, brand building and social media.

Search Engine Optimization professionals are usually focused on SEO only.

An SEO Consultant is a person that is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of online marketing and visibility, and so he or she can offer consultation about search engine optimization and marketing in general.

An SEO Expert is a high level of expertise as the word “expert” suggests.  An SEO expert will usually have 10 years or more of experience optimizing websites, and will be familiar with website marketing in various industries.

To be called an SEO Specialist, a person should first be an expert, and then posses further special knowledge and experience in a specific industry.

An SEO specialist must have very intimate knowledge of the subject matter he or she is claiming to be a specialist in.

In my case, I have been personally involved for years in optimizing Adult Content websites. I am extremely familiar with the adult entertainment industry, and I consider myself an Adult Content SEO specialist.

An SEO Freelancer does not describe the level of expertise; “freelancer” refers rather to the style of work.

Therefor, a freelance SEO should always identify clearly as a freelance SEO consultant, expert or specialist.

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