SEO agencies and companies often demand exorbitant fees for their services and lock you into long-term contracts, continuously attempting to enhance your ranking over an extended period. However, it doesn’t have to be this burdensome. Compare our fees with those of any other SEO agency or company, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the substantial difference in prices. This doesn’t imply a lack of skill on our part; rather, we prioritize fairness over greed and operate efficiently from our home offices, minimizing overhead costs.


SEO agencies insist on a long term contract, so they can try again and again for months, costing you a fortune. I can nail it with my first attempt. Take the site audit. If you do not have a website, I highly recommend the option “Web Design & SEO”.

SEO Site Audit

$995One time
  • On-page SEO Audit
  • Killer SEO Tips
  • High Value Delivered In 3 Days!

Web Design & SEO

$2995One time
  • Stunning WordPress website
  • 100% Responsive
  • Fully optimized

Site Maintenance

$195An hour
  • Any kind of updates
  • Prices, Images, Products, Text
  • Anything, anytime, SEO Tweaks

SEO Live On Skype

$195an hour
  • Live Discussion Anytime.
  • Get Answers in Real Time.
  • Check Me Out. Live.
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