Merging Timeless Wisdom with Modern SEO Magic

In a world brimming with SEO sites, coming up with a unique domain name seems as challenging as finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why I launched If it makes Google raise an eyebrow and wonder about this name, then I’ve hit the bullseye. Google’s attention? Check. And trust me, you’ll never forget this name!

A Journey Through the SEO Wilderness

I’ve been immersed in SEO since 1996, penning articles on SEO tactics for the past 25 years. My journey has been a tapestry of SEO tips, techniques, and insights. Over these decades, I’ve unraveled what works and what doesn’t. So, let’s get real about what truly doesn’t work.

The Overcrowded SEO Circus

There are countless SEO sites out there, all trying to outshine each other with the same old tips and guidelines. It’s like a broken record playing the same tune over and over. Let’s face it, what can anyone say about SEO that hasn’t already been said?

So, this time, I’m flipping the script. Forget the mundane advice and let’s delve into the secrets no one dares to share.

The Truth About SEO: Beyond the Mumbo Jumbo

  • Mumbo Jumbo Alert: Much of the SEO chatter is just that—mumbo jumbo. SEO isn’t rocket science or advanced calculus; it’s a straightforward process.
  • What Really Is SEO? It’s everything a webmaster does to boost site rankings. This includes boring tasks like keyword research, backlinks, sitemaps, HTML titles, descriptions, and crafting original content. Easy, right?
  • Trial and Error Over Theory: 99% of SEO prowess comes from hands-on experience, not from reading endless articles. The more you optimize, the better you become.
  • Retired, Yet Thriving: After 30 years in the SEO trenches, I’m technically retired, but I still relish the challenge and need the income (let’s be honest).
  • Freelance, From My Vancouver Home: Now, I work remotely as a freelance writer and website optimizer, using SEO strategies that boost your Google ranking.

Why Freelancers Are Your Best Bet

  • Skip the Agency Hassle: Most folks don’t search for freelancers. They look for SEO Companies or Agencies. But here’s the scoop: SEO is a solo gig. Even the largest, priciest agencies rely on one SEO pro to optimize your site. Hire a freelancer like me, a Vancouver SEO Consultant, and save thousands!

The Google Enigma: Originality Over Everything

  • Google’s Whimsy: I’ve seen lengthy articles hit the top of Google’s rankings, alongside short, snappy ones. It’s not about length or quality—it’s about being original. Even the most polished content gets lost in the crowd.
  • Standing Out in a Sea of Professionals: I’m different. In SEO, content writing, and life, I thrive on being unique. Before AI revolutionized content, I was consistently on Google’s first page. Now, with ChatGPT, my sites have dipped. Despite AI’s prowess, nothing beats straightforward, easy-to-read content.

Ready to Transform Your SEO?

  • No Strings Attached: Try my services with no contract or long-term commitment. I offer a one-time site audit that reveals exactly what you need to boost your Google rankings. After the audit, you can return anytime for further services, discussions, evaluations, and endless hours at a fixed rate.
  • Based in Beautiful Vancouver: Though I’m in Vancouver, BC, Canada, my SEO services are available online. Whether you’re in Timbuktu or Toronto, I can optimize your site and deliver a stellar audit just the same. As a Vancouver SEO Expert, I provide top-notch service regardless of your location.

Embrace the Challenge

  • Thriving on Challenges: I thrive on challenges and enjoy the intricacies of SEO. It’s not just a job; it’s a passion that keeps me engaged and constantly learning.

Experience Matters

  • Decades of Expertise: With decades of experience, I’ve honed my skills and developed a deep understanding of what truly drives SEO success.

Let’s Get Started

Join me at, where we blend tradition with innovation, and make your website the talk of Google town! As your trusted Vancouver SEO Expert and Consultant, I’m here to help you navigate the SEO landscape with confidence and creativity.

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