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You just found one.  Read information, news, tips & insights related to SEO in San Jose.  Keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization is a one man job. If you find a San Jose SEO Agency or a San Jose SEO Company, at the end, it will be only one SEO Expert that will optimize your site, regardless of how large the agency or the company are. All you need really is just one San Jose SEO Professional. By hiring a Freelance SEO Consultant like myself, you will be cutting  your cost significantly.

San Jose is a big city with plenty of professional SEO experts. But sometimes even an expert is not enough. Search engine optimization consultants in San Jose are highly skilled, and you are competing against thousands of other sites and their SEOs for a Google first page position. If you want your website to rank on Google’s first page, you need a San Jose SEO Specialist, someone who is specialized in the art of website optimization, an SEO who knows Google intimately.  As I have successfully optimized many websites and ranked them on page 1, I am absolutely the San Jose SEO Specialist you need.

San Jose Best SEO Tips

A significant aspect of effective SEO involves the skill to craft distinct, innovative, and previously unpublished content, much like what you find in this blog.

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Let me help you get more Yahoo, Bing & Google San Jose organic traffic, I know exactly how to do it.

Operating out of San Jose, my remote services extend across the globe, offering clients comprehensive solutions. As an adept San Jose SEO Expert & Consultant, my specialization encompasses Web Design and Search Engine Optimization services.

Our central offices stand proudly in the heart of San Jose, located at 200 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95113, United States.

Elevate your website’s organic traffic with the expertise of a seasoned San Jose SEO Expert.

I provide search engine optimization services and employ precise SEO methodologies at affordable rates. Employing innovative and imaginative strategies in digital marketing, I enable you to seize a substantial slice of the San Jose market through potent SEO techniques. As an inventive SEO specialist headquartered in San Jose, I wield a 25-year track record in enhancing organic rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Benefit from both Web Design and SEO through a proficient senior San Jose SEO Consultant.

With an abundance of digital marketing talent, I generate significant web traffic. The essence of profit hinges on effective SEO, a truth you’re already aware of. I pioneered SEO over two decades ago, well before the term “search engine optimization” even existed. My mastery of website optimization was born through hands-on trial and error.

Over the span of 25 years, I’ve delivered SEO services to diverse local, national, and international businesses. My services include meticulous technical SEO site audits, seamless site migrations, intensive keyword research, on-page optimization, strategic internal linking, taxonomy structuring, and thorough competitive analysis.

I extend a spectrum of services: SEO Backlinking, On-Page Optimization, SEO Audit, WordPress Off-Page Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics, Content Writing, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

My unique brand of web design crafts captivating WordPress websites, meticulously tailored for prime Google ranking. I stand as the quintessential authority on successful San Jose SEO, propelling you past the competition and towards a coveted place on Google’s first page.

My expertise spans diverse areas including general site SEO, landing pages, and consumer products websites. Whether your goal is prominence for a sought-after product or service on Google’s premier page, I engineer the realization of your objectives. Notably, I focus on substance over style, prioritizing SEO facts over flashy animations. As a retired SEO professional managing specialized internet marketing projects, I operate from the comforts of home, fostering an environment conducive to focused work. My streamlined approach bypasses the overheads of secretaries, receptionists, and lavish office spaces, granting you substantial cost savings. My commitment to clients is steadfast; once you engage my services, I’m wholly dedicated to the triumph of your project.

When you align with me as your SEO collaborator, you tap into an unparalleled reservoir of 25 years’ SEO mastery. Google’s reach spans the globe, and SEO knows no geographical bounds. Regardless of your location, my service brings benefits to your doorstep. Beyond SEO optimization, I facilitate domain name registration, hosting setup, server configuration, and initiation of Google analytics and webmaster tools (search console) accounts. A live tutorial on Skype arms you with the skills to maintain, utilize, and continue SEO optimization for your evolving site, such as adding new products.

Understanding the nature of SEO, guaranteed success remains elusive due to the fierce competition. Given the limited slots on Google’s first page – typically featuring only ten results – achieving that prime placement is daunting. By enlisting me to position you on Google’s forefront, your odds of success skyrocket. However, it’s important to recognize that the outcome isn’t guaranteed; this is simply the nature of the realm.

Key SEO Insights to Transform Your Strategy:

Contrary to popular belief, WordPress themes, although designed by experts, often lack SEO finesse. The focus of theme developers is not SEO, which prompts a realization: themes you install likely harbor SEO discrepancies. A personal anecdote illustrates this well. My initial blog design, employing a WordPress theme by the platform itself, caused issues. Google flagged the tags as “clickable elements too close to each other,” deeming my site “Not mobile friendly.” A shift to the well-regarded Avada theme yielded identical issues. I intervened with custom coding, ensuring sufficient spacing around tags, culminating in a mobile-friendly site endorsed by Google.

Seeking a Professional SEO Freelancer in San Jose?

A pervasive SEO discourse revolves around keywords and keyword research. Ironically, keywords are relics of the past, their relevance outstripped by long-tail search phrases. This paradigm shift stems from recognition that long-tail queries provide superior, precision-targeted outcomes aligned with user intent.

Consider the term “car.” While ubiquitous, direct searches for “car” are rare. Instead, users gravitate towards specific long-tail variations like “Black automatic 2020 Honda Civic with leather seats.” Though allude to a car, the keyword “car” ceases to be pertinent. SEO experts now prioritize long-tail phrases, aligning website optimization with these nuanced user intentions.

Retired Senior SEO Consultant, Proudly Serving San Jose:

Google, by default, assumes local intent in searches. This assumption carries merit, especially when seeking localized products or services. However, some services are globally oriented, transcending geographic boundaries. Such is the case with online services like SEO, accessible and relevant worldwide. Despite this, Google prioritizes local results. To illustrate, a search for “SAN JOSE SEO Consultant” predominantly yields results from San Jose-based entities. My site appears only when localized criteria are met, such as when I incorporate a San Jose address into the “Contact Us” page. To counter this geographical bias, I’ve adopted an intriguing strategy: crafting tags incorporating city names (e.g., NYC SEO, Houston SEO). Yet, this path is treacherous, as too many tags invite penalization. A judicious approach encompasses selective city targeting while eschewing overreach.

The Mystery of Google’s Ranking Algorithm:

Google’s ranking algorithm remains an enigma, even to the experts. Algorithm specifics remain cloaked, hidden away from the public eye. Speculation proliferates, fueled by a lack of concrete evidence. The internet ecosystem perpetuates this cycle. When one website speculates about the algorithm, myriad others parrot these claims. This proliferation ensnares even reputable sources, spawning a deluge of “confirmed” details. Yet, these so-called confirmations hinge on conjecture, not factual accuracy. Given this obscurity, let’s delve into a compilation of factors I’ve identified as potentially influencing rankings. While no definitive hierarchy emerges, content relevance and alignment with user queries hold paramount importance. Paradoxically, the quality of your product or service doesn’t dictate ranking; rather, it’s the composition and presentation of your content.

Key Determinants of Google Ranking:

  1. Relevance of page content
  2. Quality of linking sites and pages
  3. Usage of query-relevant words and phrases
  4. Domain’s expertise, authority, and trust
  5. Mobile responsiveness
  6. Exact match keyword usage
  7. Quantity and variety of linking websites
  8. Content’s alignment with established facts

Keyword Density and Content Optimization:

Mastering keyword density is pivotal. Primary keywords necessitate presence in HTML Title Tags, HTML Description tags, and the page’s H1 tag. Semantically aligned keywords, akin to synonyms, enrich these tags further. One keyword phrase can be “SEO Expert in San Jose,” while a second reads “San Jose Search Engine Optimization Consultant.” Semantic synonyms enable varied phrasing while preserving meaning.

Google Adwords. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Campaigns Made Simple.

I specialize in San Jose SEO (Search Engine Optimization), landing pages and one product websites. You need your hot product or service on Google’s first page. I make that happen.

Be confident in my ability to increase your San Jose website’s visibility and ranking with search engines. Being a retired SEO working on special internet marketing projects, I work from home, in a quiet private environment. I run a very streamlined operation without secretaries, receptionists, or a high rent office. The savings passed on to you are substantial. I am very dedicated and loyal to my clients. Once you engage my services I am entirely committed to making your business a success.

I Design World-Class WordPress Sites In San Jose

Create unique compelling Local SEO Optimized Content with my creative writings talent.

No one will come to your San Jose website to be entertained or to see beautiful animation. People will come to your website for one reason, and one reason only: to get information. I create a very simple, straight forward website, presenting the information you want to provide, in an easy and user friendly way. The websites I design are clean, easy to use, with an attractive look that will leave a deep lasting impression on your visitors.

San Jose Digital Marketing Services

David is a senior San Jose SEO specialist and a full-service digital agency. I provide website SEO audits, keyword research, on-page SEO, Local SEO, content creation & creative writing.

Discover RetiredSEO.cc an award-winning digital marketing agency in San Jose, specializing in web design, social media marketing, SEO and website optimization.

A Step By Step Guide To Winning SEO In San Jose. This guide is the real deal. Straight up. No nonsense. Read it, and gain valuable insights.

The Road To Google's Page 1 In San Jose Is Under Construction. Hire Me...Or Keep Walking!

I am a San Jose SEO Expert & Digital Marketing Freelance Consultant. Be Found on Google. Get More Leads. Convert More Visitors.

A professional SEO is crucial to keeping your business evolving and rising. You need a specialist SEO consultant by your side. Contact Retired SEO today.

Unlock Your San Jose SEO Potential

When it comes to San Jose SEO, you’re looking for more than just a service. You’re seeking results, and that’s precisely what you’ll get when you choose me. With 25 years of experience optimizing websites for Google, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, even in my retirement.

Why Choose Me?

  1. Comprehensive Site Audit: My journey begins with a one-time site audit, a roadmap to SEO success. This audit provides crystal-clear insights into what your website needs and why. Whether you’re a tech-savvy site owner or need a web designer’s touch, my audit guides the way.
  2. Compelling Content: SEO isn’t just about technicalities; it’s also about engaging content. My services include crafting unique, original articles that seamlessly weave in the keywords Google loves. Your website deserves content that flows naturally and captivates your audience.
  3. No False Promises: Unlike some, I won’t guarantee instant results. With countless pages in search results, a first-page spot isn’t handed out easily. However, my SEO strategies dramatically increase your odds of landing on Google’s first page.
  4. Affordable Excellence: For just USD 995, you gain access to a site audit worth every cent. My “SEO Might” is valued by companies who understand the immense impact of a first-page Google ranking on their bottom line.
  5. Ongoing SEO Services: Beyond the audit, I offer an adaptable month-to-month SEO service, no contracts locking you in. This service includes continuous site maintenance tailored to SEO. From adding new pages and blogs to fine-tuning HTML elements and more, I work to achieve your desired ranking results.
  6. Data-Driven Decisions: My approach isn’t guesswork. I study your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts to make informed decisions that boost your organic search visibility, traffic, and conversions.
  7. Proven Track Record: References speak volumes. My SEO audit and talent have consistently delivered results, proving my worth in the field.
  8. One-Man SEO Show: As an independent SEO freelancer with no employees, you get me – my talent, experience, and expertise dedicated to your project.
  9. Originality at Its Best: My site is a testament to my unique and innovative ideas. I’m not your ordinary SEO; I’m the one who dances the tango with Google, and that’s exactly what Google appreciates about my content marketing.

Your journey to SEO success in San Jose begins with me. Let’s elevate your online presence, increase your organic search visibility, and put your website where it belongs – on Google’s first page. Choose results; choose me.

David, an experienced freelance SEO master based in San Jose, California, has been actively engaged as an expert SEO professional for a number of years within the San Jose region.

Situated in the midst of the vibrant and picturesque city of San Jose, there exists a considerable demand for adept SEO practitioners. The term “SEO” encapsulates numerous interpretations, yet my own understanding of it is as follows:

Any endeavor that exerts an influence on a website’s positioning within search engine rankings can be categorized as SEO, which stands for search engine optimization.

To illustrate this concept, consider the recent scenario I encountered. My rankings and site traffic experienced a decline on the Bing search engine, perplexing me initially. Upon conducting a thorough investigation, I stumbled upon a startling revelation: my hosting service, in an effort to thwart bot-generated traffic, had inadvertently obstructed Bingbot’s access.

It becomes evident that this incident falls under the umbrella of SEO, as it bears a direct impact on both site traffic and ranking. A seasoned SEO professional meticulously scrutinizes every conceivable factor that can potentially affect a website’s influx of visitors.

Having outlined various SEO strategies and techniques on this platform, I’m uncertain about any novel additions. However, allow me to propose an innovative approach:

Might I captivate your interest with an unparalleled, highly logical SEO strategy?

Begin by generating a multitude of blogs and pages, experimenting with diverse styles and content lengths. Monitor Google Analytics and Search Console on a daily basis. In due course, a revelation will transpire: a specific page or blog will emerge as a prominent contender within Google’s rankings.

Once this privileged page is identified, the next step is to replicate it, multiple times over. Each duplicated page should be optimized for a distinct city, accomplished by integrating the city name into essential HTML elements such as the Title and Description tags. Furthermore, weave the city name into the actual content, predominantly within headings ranging from H1 to H5, as well as select paragraphs.

Voila! This uncomplicated process is surprisingly potent, enabling you to attain favorable rankings across a multitude of cities, consequently drawing an influx of substantial traffic.

This SEO-focused discourse markedly diverges from conventional narratives. It retains brevity, complemented by unique and inventive content. With optimism, one can hope for Google’s appreciation of this distinctive approach.

In light of the foregoing, the veil concealing the monumental SEO secret has been lifted. This is the underlying rationale behind the time investment required by digital marketing agencies to amplify your website’s traffic. Their modus operandi encompasses creating an array of diverse blogs and pages, awaiting identification of the most successful performer, and subsequently replicating it. This encapsulates the essence of website optimization for SEO purposes.

I Am A San Jose Freelance SEO Expert... But Don't Take My Word For It!

Testimonial One

David is a real SEO professional that knows his stuff. After I implemented his SEO suggestions, my ranking, traffic and conversions were all improved. I highly recommend David if you are looking for a real expert.

Luis Desalvo, CREO TECH
Testimonial Two

We paid for David’s SEO site audit, and it is worth every cent. His recommendations were bang on, very sharp and made a lot of sense. We had a few follow-up questions, which he replied to promptly. Highly recommended.

Shelia McCourtney, ARCHITECT

We have paid SEO agencies thousands of dollars, without ever getting any good rankings. All that changed overnight, once David’s SEO suggestions were implemented. I highly recommend David’s SEO site audit. As a battery factory, this website optimization audit was worth a LOT of money to us, as we have moved from “nowhere” to rank on Google’s pages 1-2 for many “batteries wholesale China” related searches.

Danny Cai, CEO TDRFORCE Group

David is a professional SEO. His knowledge and skills are very precious. Good ranking on Google page 1-2 is almost impossible, but David succeeded to put us on page 1 for many searches related to “rc toys wholesale China”.  As a toy factory exporting container loads of toys…you can imagine how much money David’s SEO service is worth to us.

Jessica Chen CEO China Toy Factory

Pump Up Your San Jose Rank

Grow Your Online Visibility With My SEO Site Audit & Action Plan

My San Jose SEO audit offers the quickest and most efficient method to identify the reasons behind your site’s lower-than-desired ranking. I will analyze your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts and provide data-driven money-making suggestions that once implemented will propel your site to the top with a significant boost to your ranking and placement. (Not to be confused with free site audits that are computer generated and provide useless info like your HTML tag is too short or too long).


SEO agencies insist on a long term contract, so they can try again and again for months, costing you a fortune. I can nail it with my first attempt. Take the site audit. If you do not have a website, I highly recommend the option “Web Design & SEO”.

SEO Site Audit

$995One time
  • On-page SEO Audit
  • Killer SEO Tips
  • High Value Delivered In 3 Days!

Web Design & SEO

$2995One time
  • Stunning WordPress website
  • 100% Responsive
  • Fully optimized

Site Maintenance

$95An hour
  • Any kind of updates
  • Prices, Images, Products, Text
  • Anything, anytime, SEO Tweaks

SEO Live On Skype

$95an hour
  • Live Discussion Anytime.
  • Questions & Answers in Real Time.
  • Check Me Out. Take Me For A Spin.
  • Your SEO site audit report will be emailed to you within 3 days after you pay.
  • You can send follow-up questions; they will be promptly replied with clear explanations.

  • Email follow-up questions and answers are included in the fee, you can ask as many questions as you want.

  • Many businesses have their own webmaster; you can forward my SEO audit report to your webmaster for implementation.

  • I can implement my suggestions and action plan for you; there will be an additional cost.

  • If you prefer a live discussion on Skype, this requires an additional payment.

  • Besides my SEO site audit, I offer many other services like web design, ongoing SEO work, special assignments and projects.